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Serving Professional Tradesman, Contractors, Remodelers, & Homeowners Since 1874

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Knapp Supply carries the most competitive, professional, and requested products by contractors.

Licensed plumbing contractors, along with licensed plumbers, see our product mix as preferred for their daily needs such as Fixtures, Piping Systems, and Water Heaters.

Have questions? Don’t see what you are looking for? Just ask. The professional plumber is one of our main customers and as a plumbing supplier, we realize your strength is our success.


Knapp Supply has been serving professional tradesman, contractors, remodelers and homeowners for over 150 years. Knapp Supply has a strong tradition of leadership in the plumbing and building trades industry for all of Indiana, Western Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Our long history goes back to just after the Civil War. After being honorably discharged from the Union Army in March 1864 for injuries that he suffered at the Battle of Chickamauga, Captain Alexander A. Knapp moved to Union City, Indiana.

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